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An anonymous credit redemption simulation, is it possible?



You have several credits in progress and want to know more before setting up a credit redemption? Find out what you need to know about anonymous credit redemption simulation.

The repurchase of credit makes it possible to group several loans in one in order to have only one monthly payment to repay. Thanks to this operation, borrowers can reduce their debt ratio and finance a new project by obtaining additional cash. However, the repurchase of credit is a complex operation and the feasibility of which must be studied.

Why and how to do a credit redemption simulation?

Why and how to do a credit redemption simulation?

Free and without obligation, the simulation of repurchase of credit allows you to know more about your situation. This approach is also essential to determine your objectives: reduce your debt ratio, improve the management of your budget, get extra cash … But most importantly, the simulation is necessary to reduce the cost of a credit surrender. In fact, in certain cases, this cost, including administrative fees, notary fees and mortgage registration or mutual guarantee fees, may result in the loss of the benefits of the new loan. By doing an online credit redemption simulation, you are guaranteed to get an offer at the best rate.

Making a credit redemption simulation is relatively simple. All you have to do is fill out a quick form and post the information about your loans in repayment (duration, rate, amount of monthly payments). You will know the amount of the notary fees and your depreciation schedule. If you want to realize this transaction, an advisor will negotiate for you the best conditions for your credit redemption.

Simulate anonymously your credit redemption

Simulate anonymously your credit redemption

Most actors require personal and financial information to perform this simulation. The proposed forms are linked to a commitment process as part of the credit buy-back study. They are essential to assess the admissibility of your application and then offer you a credit agreement. Thus, whether anonymous or not, the credit redemption simulation does not engage the borrower. The latter is only engaged after the signing of the contract and the planned reflection period.

In any case, the information collected by the actors in the context of an online credit redemption simulation must be adapted to the GDPR, a regulation which gives applicants the possibility to retrieve the information recorded by the organization after the simulation. In fact, if anonymity is not respected, the companies concerned can be sanctioned.

Our credit redemption simulator is free and without obligation. Do not hesitate to complete this form to know the characteristics of this operation. In a few minutes, you can take advantage of the most advantageous offers and proceed to the subscription directly online. It should be remembered that there is a significant cost involved in buying back credit, which should be considered before committing.


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