According to the data offered by the Spanish Association of Leasing and Renting (AELR), Spanish companies have been responsible for financing through leasing 3313 million euros of real estate assets during the first six months of the year. Very attractive figures compared to last year. These figures represent an increase of 14.4% compared to the same period of time during 2015. In addition, according to the AELR report there are other good news in this regard, such as the reduction of delinquency to 5.7%, which means a 1.8 % less than the same period of 2015.

In total, business investment in real estate assets has been increased by 20.6% during the first quarter of 2016. In figures, this has meant an increase in investment of 2903 million euros.

This very interesting growth of business investment in real estate-type goods is directly related to the changes in action in SMEs and among the self-employed. These profiles are taking advantage of the improvement that the Spanish economy has suffered during the beginning of the year to improve their structures with the help of leasing.

But what is leasing and why is it so attractive in Spain?

leasing with cash,rel estate

Leasing is a financial lease contract that is associated with a mandatory purchase option. The particularity of these contracts is precisely that obligation when buying the leased property. This type of contract can be used for the acquisition of all kinds of elements. From real estate, technological equipment for companies, vehicles, etcetera.

Its peculiarity is the option of being able to enjoy these goods without having to pay them in full.

The advantages of this type of financing for start-up companies, for SMEs and for the self-employed are many. Among the most outstanding are undoubtedly the following:

  • The possibility of obtaining long-term financing and 100% of the investment.
  • Tax deductions.
  • Fractionation of VAT during the period of the lease.

The main investments through leasing that have been made during the first half of 2016 fit are related to the following assets.

Investment in maritime and air transport means through leasing. During 2016, Spanish companies have financed, with the help of leasing, ships worth almost 140 million euros and aircraft worth almost 20 million euros. The total obtained has tripled the results of the first half of 2015. In figures we speak of an investment of 158.5 million euros.

Investment in equipment through leasing


Investment in this area has increased during the first half of 2016 by 11.2% compared to 2015. Industrial production machinery is what has been most invested in this field.

Investment in public works through leasing. In total, investments through leasing in this area have amounted to 213 million euros. Of which:

  • 4 million were allocated to computer equipment (-0.5% with respect to 2015).
  • 7 million to medical teams (almost 92% more than last year).
  • 2 million were allocated to lifting material (102.1% more than in 2015).
  • 1 million euros were invested in the graphic arts sector (-1%).

However, despite the good figures achieved during this year for leasing in Spain, only 30% of business investments are made through these contracts in our country. A very low figure if we compare it with 90% that is destined in other European countries such as Germany. There is still a long way to go to make leasing more known and used in our country.