In the event that you see yourself without money and need to borrow, whatever the purpose you can resort to the Family Loan of Crediter, current Camibank.

You can apply for this personal loan for any consumption need, whether to finance a trip, buy new furniture, finance home renovation, or for a special celebration. You will only have to indicate what is your purpose in your credit application.

The Camibank Family Loan offers up to 60,000 euros, with a repayment term of between 1 and 72 months. Or what is the same, you can ask for urgent money that you can return up to 6 years.

Regarding the interests, in TIN (Nominal Interest Rate) or percentage that the entity takes to give the money is 9.9%. While the APR (Annual Rate Equivalent) or the effective cost of the product is 10.36%.

The advantage of the Loan Family of Crediter is that it does not have any type of commission or study, opening, or full or partial early repayment. Although these specifications are only maintained at 0% as long as you have the payroll or pension domiciled with the entity.

At Camibank there is a great variety of personal loans and consumer loans for you and your whole family. And, although the Family loan can be used for any purpose, the entity has specific loans for different purposes.

This way we will find the Erasmus Master loan, the Auto loan, or the Family Illusions among others, which have lower interest rates than those offered in this more “global” loan.

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Tipo de créditos Crediter/Camibank: Loan for any purpose of Crediter / Camibank.
Descripción: The Family Loan of Crediter / Camibank is a type of consumer loan for any purpose, which is intended exclusively for customers of the entity that have their payroll or pension domiciled.
Tipo de interés y comisiones: You can request up to 60,000 and have a repayment period of between 1 and 72 months (6 years).

It does not have any type of commission for opening, maintenance or cancellation.

Dónde y cómo solicitar: Or online or in branches.
Opiniones y ventajas:
  1. Loan Family of Crediter / Camibank.
  2. You can request up to 60,000 euros.
  3. The repayment term is a maximum of 6 years.
  4. It is a consumer loan intended only for customers of the entity.
  5. It has no opening, maintenance or cancellation costs.

Conditions and how the Family Loan works

Conditions and how the Family Loan works

The first of the conditions to apply for the Loan Family of Crediter is to be a client of the entity, and to have domiciled either the payroll, the pension or a benefit. The terms of the Family loan are specially designed for customers who have a Family Account.

You can request a personal loan at the branch offices of the entity or through your digital bank or private area of Lineloan. No question will be asked other than the desired amount and the return time.

In the case of hiring the Family Loan through the digital platform or CamibankNow, the minimum amount that may be requested is 1,000 euros, while for hiring in the office there is no minimum amount.

As it happens with the rest of products to which it is decided to request financing, if you are with Financial Credit Institutions or enrolled in any other list of defaulters for having unpaid debts it will be more difficult for them to grant the desired amount.

And is that in the risk policies of the entity, the approval of the request is subject to a solvency analysis, and the economic capacity of each client to return the amount requested.

Finally, the main advantage of requesting urgent money through the Family Loan is that the concession is made very quickly, as it does not have to undergo long risk analyzes.

As the entity already has an internal scoring, simply based on a few scales, Camibank clients can access this credit without having to present guarantees, and therefore without an endorsement.